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Marc sent us a Mastery bridge that he bought for his vintage Fender Jazzmaster. Mastery bridges are stainless steel and he wanted it to look the rest of his guitar. Our tech used his expertise to authentically age this part to match the look of a worn gold plated bridge, all the way down to the nickel plating.

“Here she is! The gold matches perfectly.  I couldn't have dreamed of a better job! Can't thank you enough.  The bridge changed the guitar completely.  Thanks again for the awesome service and even better work.  It’s really appreciated!” - Marc George

Advanced Music Products | Aged gold Mastery Bridge
Advanced Music Products | Aged gold Mastery Bridge

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Advanced Music Products | Restored face plate
Advanced Music Products | Restored face plate

“It’s so good! I could not be happier with this whole process. Your shop did a killer job, and of course the silk guy nailed it too. Looking forward to the next outrageous project :)” - Tim Marcus, Milkman Sound Amplifiers

Tim from Milkman Sound Amplifiers had us restore the faceplate to this vintage amp.

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“It has your pickup covers, bridge saddles, and pickguard hardware on it. Your chrome looks and fits great.

I made the pickguard, and I am working on the insert for the bridge.  Couldn't have done it without your parts.”

Best Regards” - John


Advanced Music Products’ .060 tele bridge plate makes a big difference. Thick sounding but still plenty of twang. Hella impressed.

 - Mike @roknfnrol

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