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With the addition of a few newly designed parts, Advanced Music Products is geared up for an amazing 2017! We welcome you to browse through our brand new website, and various social media outlets. Click HERE or the photo below to download our new catalog. For more information and ordering, you can call us at 800/588-6686 or email our staff:

Jeremy Colas: Product Development

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Because our parent company (Advanced Plating) is a chrome plating facility, we also offer full plating and restoration services for many companies in the music industry. We recently received these vintage Hagstrom pieces from a customer for full restoration. We first start by stripping off any old plating and grime, returning them to their natural state. Then we fill in any imperfections and polish the parts to get them ready for re-plating which in this case is 24K Gold.

Prior to restoration. Restoration begins with stripping off any previous plating, then polishing. The tuning keys and covers after polishing. The tailpiece after polishing. Components racked and ready for plating. The parts are thoroughly cleaned prior to plating to prevent and trash and trash caught in the plating process. The first stage of plating is a copper base. The second stage is nickel plating. Finally the parts are 24K Gold plated. Final polish and checked for quality. video lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1
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